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"Natural Photos" in "Natural Settings"

      Everyone wants their photographs to look "Natural" with "Spontaneous Expressions" that emanate their "Inner Light". To create "A Natural Look" is the goal of every Professional Photographer.
      As Professionals, we recognize the need for "controlled" lighting conditions to enhance skin tones, clothing, and surrounding background environments. Direct sunlight can cause "pockets" under your eyes which can be retouched, but the "Scowl" on your forehead, from too bright sunlight is impossible to remove. Sometimes "Shade" from deciduous trees cause uneven lighting and mottling.  A "Gentle Breeze" by the lake can be cooling or dramatic, but it can also cause an undesired effect of gowns blowing against body lines and tousled hair. Wet grass can ruin shoes, hamper natural sitting arrangements, as well result in stains from dirt, geese, or animals.
       The alternative is . . . . . .


        Pope's Photography Studios, on Pandosy, offer a large, beautifully designed indoor and Kelowna's Only "Covered Outdoor Studio". Years of planning have resulted in an array of "Natural Settings" (with controlled lighting conditions) housed in a large protected courtyard located alongside of their indoor studios. The variegated colors of both deciduous and evergreens, well placed flower gardens, waterfall with pond, stone archways, offer vivid backgrounds and great contrast for bridal parties and family gatherings----"Rain or Shine".  Many people ask where the photos are taken and are amazed to realize they were taken in Kelowna's ONLY "COVERED OUTDOOR STUDIO" at Pope's on Pandosy, offering  convenient "sit down, air conditioned" premises where the bridal party can relax while different parts of the "photo-shoot" take place. The time and comfort saved, is evident in the fresh, relaxed, spontaneous expressions on all subjects. Our Professional "AWARD WINNING" Staff strive to ensure your day is a "Happy Day" in all respects.
         In addition to our lovely facilities, Pope's Studios on Pandosy is situated within a 3 block radius of 4 beautiful lakefront parks, depicting Kelowna's landmarks and 5 other naturally wild areas where "Auxiliary Photographs" are taken to complement your bridal package or family environmental portrait. Pope's "AWARD WINNING" Photographers are equipped to create the best exposures possible.

         Why deny yourself the privilege of "The Best of Both Worlds"?  Be "Assured" and "Confident" in knowing that regardless of weather conditions, "YOUR DAY"  WILL BE GREAT AND YOUR PHOTO MEMORIES--------"EVERLASTING"

        Adjacent to Pope's Studio is "The Hanging Tree". "A State of The Art"  Framing and  Art Gallery,  offering a unique, wide range of frames, moldings, and liners, as well as Original Art, Prints, and Art

                                                  FEEL FREE  TO COME CHAT, AND BROWSE.